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Balston Sterile Air Filters 无菌气体过滤器


Parker Balston Sterile Air Filters safeguard your food processing operations from rust, pipescale, water, oil, and organisms usually found in compressed air.  Compressed air is contamined with compressor oil, water condensate, pipe scale and rust - all of which provide the ideal environment to grow bacteria.  These naturally occuring contaminants can effect the taste, appearance, and shelf life of food product.  The food processing and packaging industry utilizes compressed air extensively throughout their packaging facilities.  Compressed air is used to push and propel product, and cut and mix product as well as packaging.

Balston Sterile Air Filters remove contaminants at a very high effiency - up to 99.99% for 0.01 micron particles and droplets. Liquid releases from the filter cartridge to an automatic drain as rapidly as it enters the filters. This allows the filter to continue removing liquids for an unlimited time without loss of efficiency or flow capacity. The final stage of filtration removes all viable organisms with an efficiency rating of 99.9999+% at 0.01 micron. Select 1/4" to 1" line size filters are constructed of 304 stainless steel and are designed to hold up to the harshest environments.

  Features & Benefits of Parker Balston Sterile Air Filters
- Select models constructed of all 304 stainless
steel which is ideal for standing up to
aggressive washdown chemicals
- Remove 99.99% of 0.01 micron particles of
oil, water, and dirt
- USDA/FSIS accepted for use in federally
inspected meat and poultry plants

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无菌高压气体过滤器总成 无压气体过滤器总成3"-10" 无菌高压气体过滤器总成3"-10"