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Balston Sterile Air Filters 无菌高压气体过滤器3"-10"


Parker Balston High Pressure Compressed Air Filters offer exceptionally high efficiency coalescing filtration of compressed air at high flow rates. The housings are ASME Code stamped to 665 psig. Since the coalesced liquid drains continuously from the filter cartridges as rapidly as it is collected, the filters have an unlimited capacity for liquid removal.

Each filter cartridge is mounted on a rigid permanent filter holder with a vibration-resistant removable tube retainer. The filter cartridge is self-gasketing and the filter holder is designed so that a perfect seal is easily made, even when the tube is replaced by an operator unfamiliar with the equipment. AKH housings are available with inlet and outlet ports covering the range from 3" to 10" pipe sizes.

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  Features & Benefits
- Select models constructed of all 304 stainless steel which is ideal for standing up to
aggressive washdown chemicals
- Remove 99.99% of 0.01 micron particles of oil, water, and dirt
- USDA/FSIS accepted for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants

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