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Balston Steam Filters For Food Processing 食品工业用蒸汽过滤器


Balston Steam Filters are in full compliance with the requirements of the US Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Parker Balston Steam Filters also meet the regulations for Indirect Food Additives used as Basic Components for Repeated Use Food Contact Surfaces as specified in 21 CFR, Part 177, and Current Good Manufacturing Practices, 21 CFR, Part 110.  Parker Balston Steam Filters have been accepted by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.  These steam filters are in full compliance with the 3A Accepted Practices (Number 609-04) for producing steam of culinary quality.  They are also in full compliance with the requirements of the Health Protection Branch of Heath and Welfare Canada.  Parker Balston Steam Filters may be used with steam, air, and other gases which directly contact food and food ingredients, including milk, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic liquids.

Parker Balston Steam Filters eliminate particulate contamination of food products caused by direct contact with dirty steam.  Other benefits of Parker Balston Steam Filters include:  reduction in steam condensate mising with food products when steam is used for agitating, mixing, or cooking; eliminating taste and odor problems by reducing boiler feedwater carryover; and reduced maintenance requirements.

  Features & Benefits
- Remove 98+% of 0.01 micron particles and 100% of all visible particles
- Remove liquid condensate at the same efficiency as for solid particles
- Remove essentially all nonvolatile boiler feedwater additives
- Comply with USFDA, USDA, Health Protection Branch of Health
  and Welfare Cananda, and 3-A accepted practices
- Stop carryover of boiler feedwater chemicals

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订货号 端口尺寸 流量 过滤精度 工作压力 材质 细节
N/A N/A N/A 不锈钢 Y
SP2-23/75SR 1 1/2" NPT 1000 lbs/hr 98% @ 0.1 μ 125 psig 304 不锈钢 Y
SP3-23/75SR 1 1/2" NPT 1500 lbs/hr 98% @ 0.1 μ 125 psig 304 不锈钢 Y
SP4-23/75SR 2" NPT 2000 lbs/hr 98% @ 0.1 μ 125 psig 304 不锈钢 Y
SP6-23/75SR 2" NPT 3000 lbs/hr 98% @ 0.1 μ 125 psig 304 不锈钢 Y
23/75SR 1" NPT 500 lbs/hr 98% @ 0.1 μ 125 psig 304 不锈钢 Y

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