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Balston 高压天然气吸附式过滤器3英寸-10英寸


Balston High Pressure Natural Gas Filter Assemblies With Adsorbent Element 3"-10"

Balston high flow rate compressed gas filters offer exceptionally high efficiency coalescing filtration of compressed gas at high flow rates.  Specifically designed to remove suspended liquids and dirt from pipeline natural gas, the housings are ASME Code Stamped up to 1440 psig.  Equipped with Balston Disposable Filter Cartridges, the filters are rated at 93% retention of 0.01 micron.

 Product Features:

 Pressure rating to 1440 psig

 Meet US and Canadian codes for natural gas filters

 Flow rates up to 183 million standard cubic feet per day

 High efficiency removal of suspended liquid and solid impurities

 Adsorbent cartridge for trace vapor removal

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