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Balston DFU 吸附式一次性过滤单元


Balston Disposable Dilter Units - Adsorbent

Balston Disposable Adsorption Units (DAUs) contain a bed of adsorbent granules.  Utilizing a wide choice of adsorbents, the DAUs selectively remove vapors from air and other gases.  Because the adsorbed vapor remains trapped in the solid bed, the DAU has a fixed upper limit of total weight of vapor which can be captured.  It is usulayy not feasable to regenerate the filter when it has reached its adsorption limit.  DAUs should be used only when small quantities of vapor are to be removed.

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订货号 接口尺寸  流量 过滤精度 压力 壳体材料
1280 SCFM @ 2 psid @ 7bar 99.99% @0.1μ 13.8 bar 碳钢
补充数据 8"FLG 2250 SCFM @ 2 psid @ 7bar 99.99% @0.1μ 13.8 bar 碳钢

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