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Parker S4 Biogas Filters 派克S4沼气过滤系统


Guaranteed removal of solid and liquid contaminants from biogas.
The GES S4 Biogas Filter brings nanofiber technology to the biogas industry. These revolutionary filters provide the highest possible efficiency at the lowest available pressure drop, providing maximum performance at the minimum operating cost. Welcome to the cutting edge of biogas treatment technology.

This is no sponge in a cup - this is the result of more than 40 years of technological advancements in the field of high quality gas purification.

With greater than 99.9999% efficiency at removing solid particulate and liquid aerosols as small as 0.01 micron and pressure drops as low as 0.25 psid, no other technology comes close to this combination of performance and energy savings. For additional information, please call 1-800-343-4048 or 1-978-858-0505 or email a Parker GES representative.

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Parker S4 Biogas Filters 派克S4沼气过滤系统

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