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Parker Siloxene Removal Systems派克有机硅氧烷过滤成套设备


Reliable and cost effective.
Parker Hannifin has developed a revolutionary system for siloxane removal from landfill and digester gas. We have a proven track record of reliable and cost effective siloxane removal for landfill and digester gas to energy applications. For additional information, please call 1-800-343-4048 or 1-978-858-0505 or email a Parker GES representative.

Our Three Step Solution
Step 1 - On Site Audit
A detailed on site audit by a trained engineer is performed prior to order acceptance to ensure we fully understand the parameters and goals of your application.

Step 2 - Design & Build
Your Parker Siloxane Removal System will be designed and built to the specific needs of your application.

Step 3 - Factory Start Up
Start up and commissioning is performed by our own factory trained engineer to ensure the unit is operating correctly and providing the performance you require.

Our Siloxane Removal System will increase the revenue from your gas to energy project by decreasing maintenance costs, decreasing downtime and improving the efficiency and performance of your generators. Stop wasting your time and money!

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Parker Siloxene Removal Systems派克有机硅氧烷过滤成套设备

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