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Food and Beverage 食品和饮料行业


Sterile Air Filters Eliminate Compressed Air Contamination

Compressed air is contaminated with compressor oil, water, condensate, pipe scale and rust. The warm, moist, oxygen-rich compressed air provides the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and prosper. This natural occurring contaminate can also effect the taste, appearance, and shelf life of food product. The food processing and packaging industry utilizes compressed air extensively throughout their facilities. In addition to packaging, compressed air is also used to push and propel product, and cut and mix product. Although most compressed air systems have some form of filtration, the filtration is not nearly adequate, particularly where bacteria and mold are concerned. 

The Parker Balston Sterile Air Filtration System will safeguard your operations from rust, pipescale, water, oil, and bacteria. These filters will remove contaminants at a very high efficiency – up to 99.99% for 0.01 micron particles and droplets.

Cabinet Dryer for Wash Down Areas

Electrical Cabinets are subject to nightly high pressure, hot wash downs, yet need to remain dry in a refrigerated environment. Over time, most cabinets develop moisture problems which result in premature component failure. A Parker Balston Cabinet Dryer will protect sensitive components from damage caused by water and high humidity by reducing cabinet humidity to less than 10% RH. Any water that infiltrates the cabinet evaporates quickly. Electrical components stay clean and dry resulting in prolonged life. A Parker Balston Cabinet Dryer will operate continuously and reliably without operator attention and eliminate lost production time.

Nitrogen for Packaging

The benefits of using nitrogen for packaging in the Food & Beverage industry are well known.  Residual oxygen within a package promotes bacterial growth, which can compromise product quality and shelf life. Using nitrogen minimizes the levels of oxygen present, preserving quality and significantly improving shelf life. A Parker Balston or domnick hunter nitrogen generator, which separates nitrogen and oxygen from a compressed air supply, can often be the most effective way to supply this nitrogen.

Nitrogen for Wine Bottling

A nitrogen blanket, reducing the oxygen concentration to less than 0.5%, minimizes contact between oxygen and the wine surface during storage (both pre- and post-bottling).  This prevents the growth of bacteria and other microbes. Nitrogen can also be used to purge air from pipes and hoses prior to bottling and to ensure oxygen is not introduced during transport. Finally, sparging with nitrogen will remove any oxygen or CO2 introduced during handling, helping to preserve wine integrity. A Parker Nitrogen Generator supplies a continuous stream of nitrogen to displace residual oxygen and fill the voids within the package, preserving taste and freshness while extending shelf life.